How to Keep Mushrooms

How to Keep Mushrooms Fresh longer in the fridge

Mushrooms are always a staple at many houses, they are a perfect and healthy addition to almost any meal at any time of the day, good with a breakfast omelette, a midday salad or snack, or a dinner dish. The challenge that comes with buying mushrooms though is storing them. It is very important to be aware of how to choose the good mushrooms and to learn how to store them in order to keep them good for the longest period possible.

How to keep mushrooms
How to keep mushrooms
how to keep mushrooms
how to keep mushrooms
  • Buying mushrooms- when you choose your mushrooms make sure that the cap (top part of the mushroom) is fully dry and firm and has no soft or moldy spots, in other words, make sure there is no moisture. With the small brown and white mushrooms, the underside should always be closed, and with the portobello mushroom, the underside is going to be open, these indicate the freshness of the mushroom.

  • Storing mushrooms- mushrooms should be stored in the fridge, but before that step, they need to be taken out of the container and transferred to a paper bag. Unlike a plastic bag, the paper bag doesnʼt trap the moisture, thus keeping your mushrooms firm and fresh for longer. Don’t store all the mushrooms together, separate them into groups in different brown paper bags or cotton muslin bags, and put these bags on the fridge shelves, not in the bottom fridge drawers. 

Mushroom in Cotton Muslin Produce Bags
Fresh Mushrooms from the market in reusable Cotton Muslin Produce Bags bags.
  • Cooking the mushrooms- Instead of washing the mushrooms with water, take a paper towel and gently wipe them, and it is important to do this step carefully to not peel off the skin because that skin is rich in antioxidants. They are now ready to be cooked. With the small mushrooms, you can take off the stems if you want to, but you are encouraged to keep them. The portobello mushroom stems are a little tough, so you can cut them off, and keep them stored in the paper bag to use in a soup or stew to add some flavor.

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