Keto Pumpkin puree

How to make a delicious keto pumpkin puree

Pumpkin Season
Pumpkin Season
Opening the Pumpkin

It’s finally that cozy season of the year, fall is in the air and in our taste buds, from the yellow falling leaves to everything flavored with pumpkin spice. 

To make the Keto pumpkin sauce, you need to make the pumpkin puree first.

The making of pumpkin puree is so easy. The first step depends on how big the pumpkin size is. If the pumpkin is small, you will cut the pumpkin into 2 halves. Use a spoon to remove the seeds and the pulp from the pumpkin. In case the pumpkin size is big, you need to make a hole in the pumpkin and use a spoon or a ladle to remove the seeds and the pulp, then cut the pumpkin into slices. Flip the halves of the pumpkin or the slices on a pan.  Try to Keep the pumpkin skin up, so that you get a good pumpkin roasting color. Put the pan into the oven on 400F degree for around 50 to 60 minutes, this depends on the pumpkin size. After around thirty minutes, flip the slices to get the browning on all sides evenly. Note: if you cut the pumpkin into slices, then after 30 minutes open the oven and flip the wedges.  

Sliced Pumpkin
Sliced Pumpkin
roasted pumpkin
Roasted pumpkin
pumpkin Puree
pumpkin Puree

Now take out the roasted pumpkin, and separate it from the skin using a fork or a spoon, then put it in a different bowl. 
Now grab the spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and ginger or you can just add any ready storebought pumpkin spice.
Like your other fall lovers, I adore pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice muffins, pumpkin spice everything.

Now that we have our puree, we can transform it into a keto pumpkin sauce using these next steps:

  • Add three tablespoons of the pumpkin puree
  • Add the heavy cream or any keto milk that you prefer to use, for me I prefer to use the heavy-cream because it gives a more rich taste.
  • Add some water, vanilla extract, and substitute sugar, I prefer to use monk fruit, it is my favorite sugar substitute because there is no after taste, especially in desserts.
  • Blend the mixture one more time in an electric blender to get the texture you desire. 
  • Grab a clean and dry squeeze bottles I used those squeeze bottles because I see there big enough and fill it with your sauce!
pumpkin Puree
Pumpkin Puree
Pumpkin puree
Pumpkin Puree

You can use this sauce any way you like, in your desserts or beverages! Along with its wonderful taste, pumpkin spice brings me to that fall, end of the year state, and this year, it definitely brings me some sense of normalcy!

This recipe can be used in making some delicious keto-friendly pumpkin muffins! You can also find this complement recipe on my website!

Try this recipe and let me know how it goes! Enjoy.

Keto Sauce

Keto Pumpkin Sauce

Cook Time 50 minutes
Course Dessert, Side Dish


  • Baking Tray
  • Parchment Paper
  • Electric Blender
  • Jar or Squeeze Bottle


  • 3 tbsp Pumpkin Puree
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 tsp Allspice
  • 1/2 tsp Ginger Powder
  • 1/4 tsp Cloves
  • ¼ tsp Nutmeg
  • ½ tsp Cinamon powder
  • 1 tsp Sugar Subsitude
  • 1/4 Cup Heavy Cream
  • 1/2 Cup Water


How to make pumpkin Puree

  • Cut the pumpkin open
  • Take the seeds and the pulp out completely
  • Slice the pumpkin into wedges if it is big and into halves if it's small
  • Put the pumpkin slices on a baking tray, try to keep the pumpkin skin up to get a nice brown color on the pumpkin
  • Bake for 50 to 60 minute under 400F°
  • Take out and separate the pumpkin from the skin into a separate bowl
  • Add your spices and mix and now you have the puree.
  • Blend the mixture, and store in the fridge!

How to make Pumpkin Sauce

  • Add 3 tablespoons of the prepped pumpkin puree in a blender.
  • Add the heavy cream, water, vanilla extract and sugar substitute (the amount of sugar can be altered to your preference of sweetness).
  • Mix and blend in a blender
  • Strain the mixture and add it into a squeeze bottle (this step is important so that you don't get any unwanted small bits in the final product) and it is ready to go!
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Keto Pumpkin Sauce
Keto Pumpkin Sauce
Keto Sauce
Keto Pumpkin Sauce

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